What Can We Do To Help?



Okay so I want to start a new nonprofit organization for pollution in Oregon I’m finding there’s a lot of steps to do this but it’s very interesting. I’m wanting to do a day where we can get a huge chunk of the river cleaned up. Hopefully along Alton Baker Park.

I have to find  people that will sponsor lunches and I’m finding that there’s companies that will send t-shirts and garbage bags and clean up stuff and a lot of the time garbage companies will help sponsor by coming and helping clean up there is like ins and outs for days cleaning up the river obviously but to get started I have to pick a location, pick a day, find a restaurant or store that will sponsor lunches, I have got to get permission from the land managers, I need to arrange for trash clean-up afterwards and recycling. I need to register clean up with Americanrivers.org because they’re the ones who send the cool clean-up kits with  t-shirts and stuff which I think is so awesome that there’s a company that does that,  kudos to them for that that’s really cool! Then I have got to recruit people to be asking friends I’m going to be asking family neighbors co-workers Community by asking groups, I’m going to try to go to Community meetings and spread the word I’m going to post Flyers when I post online and I’m going to hand out a whole bunch of my personal business cards to try to get my name out there so I can get people who also want to come and volunteer and work with me and help me get people to sponsor my non-profit organization to help keep Oregon clean and beautiful.

I currently run two websites one is pollutioninOregon.com And the other one is gorgeousOregon.com  I need to get out and get a whole bunch more pictures but right now I’m really focused on trying to gather people and get a non-profit started thanks to my husband I’m able to do that from home now it’s really cool.

I’m noticing the next city council meeting for regular meetings is Monday the 24th at 7 p.m. so I’m probably going to be going. It Is at the Springfield City Hall, I want to bring to their attention that I’m trying to gather groups maybe some of them can help out I’m not sure usually people who go to these meetings are involved so I am sure they will help steer me in the right direction.

Wish me luck I will keep everyone updated! If You are interested please call me or email me!20170704_143728




Corporations and Pollution

I’m thinking maybe it is time for big-name corporations products to become bio degradable. There is way too much garbage everywhere.
There is definitely Alternatives that are way better for the environment for instance I always root for hemp when it can be used
It’s cheaper and can be massively produced

The Hemp Bottle is a reusablewater bottle made from industrialhemp plastic. … The conventional, one-time use plastic bottles that we see everyday are made up of non-renewable oil and tiny glass fibers.Jan 19, 2012 according to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/106166720/hemp-plastic-water-bottles.

This website also offers many alternatives 4 people just looking to change their product designs two more eco-friendly designs


There’s always a better way other then choosing plastic or metal or tin or foil

I think not only do people need to be more aware of their pollution but so do the companies that are putting out the products that people are polluting the Earth with.