Corporations and Pollution

I’m thinking maybe it is time for big-name corporations products to become bio degradable. There is way too much garbage everywhere.
There is definitely Alternatives that are way better for the environment for instance I always root for hemp when it can be used
It’s cheaper and can be massively produced

The Hemp Bottle is a reusablewater bottle made from industrialhemp plastic. … The conventional, one-time use plastic bottles that we see everyday are made up of non-renewable oil and tiny glass fibers.Jan 19, 2012 according to

This website also offers many alternatives 4 people just looking to change their product designs two more eco-friendly designs

There’s always a better way other then choosing plastic or metal or tin or foil

I think not only do people need to be more aware of their pollution but so do the companies that are putting out the products that people are polluting the Earth with.


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Mrs. Leslie 2017

I am a free spirited, Oregon born and raised mama bear. I am married to the love of my life, Beau Leslie. I have two beautiful preteens and I'm living the dream. I love to write, do yoga, photograph every min of every day, and never stop laughing.

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