Pollution is Everywhere Beautiful 

So I went to go get my children some fireworks At the TNT Fireworks stand. But they didn’t open until 1 p.m. So I decided I was going to go take some pretty pictures along the river. Needless to say the spot I used to go to that was the nicest here in town that has a cute little waterfall is destroyed now. There was litter and garbage everywhere. It looked like people were leaving whatever they wanted anywhere they wanted. There was garbage signs with garbage all over around and on the ground right around it and it was ridiculous. I can’t believe that with all of us being so aware the Earth is being destroyed that we can just sit back and allow other people to destroy it. I couldn’t walk down one street today in the four miles that I walked without seeing garbage everywhere. So I am uploading a whole bunch of pictures and a bunch of them are of pollution because I have a fascination with taking a lot of pictures. And  I feel people understand more when they can  see pollution with their own eyes and actually see what they’re doing. Oregon is supposed to be one of the most beautiful places in the world, and undoubtably it is. But it won’t be forever if people don’t become more aware. Use the garbage and at least attempt to recycle please.